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Potential Post Office Reuse
Potential Post Office Reuse
Knowing the Mankato Post Office is likely to be sold, what is/are your preferred reuse/reuses for the building?
Potential Post Office Reuse

Give examples of other post offices or major community buildings across the country being adaptively reused in a manner that positively impacts the community. Don't know any examples? Then suggest things that you feel will enhance the City Center (downtown), the city or the region. Consider business, residential, cultural or other community uses.

Answers to the question will be used to recommend the best potential reuse or reuses of the Post Office building and site. This is being done by the City Center Partnership with assistance from the City of Mankato in an effort to help guide any reuse towards a best possible community value. So consider any adaptive reuse that you feel will support a better downtown, city or region.

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